June 10, 2011

I don't get it

Even after all the evidence, Climate change deniers are still convinced that there's some conspiracy to either:

a) take away 'Our Freedoms" (this deserves its own post)
2) make climate scientists/Al Gore rich

I mean WTF? All these scientists busily conspiring on this massive scale to con the world so they can be wealthy? Yeah, right. That's just absurd. And Al Gore is already rich. Sure, wealthy folks can be counted on to try to get more wealthy, but this?

The Koch brothers are spending millions to fight climate regulation because they see it as harmful to their interests. They sell oil. Exxon is doing the same. But Al? Does he own a windmill factory? A solar panel conglomerate? Not that he hasn't likely invested in such things, If I believed strongly in something (and had excess money lying around) I would too! But the thought of creating this international conspiracy that the earth is warming is just absurd.

99% of the world's scientists agree that there is significant evidence to support global warming, and nearly all agree that man is either causing it or contributing to it. Of the 1% that don't agree, 99% are not climatologists or meteorologists.

Most of the climate denial comes from the good ol' USA. Most of the rest of the civilized world has recognized the crisis and are beginning to take steps to ameliorate the problem. Even China and India for dog's sake!

So why does all this denial come from Americans? Christian fundamentalists. They are being taught that it's all part of God's plan, and He won't let anything happen to believers anyway. It's a new version of Manifest Destiny. One of the biggest deniers is Sen James Inhofe (R-OK). Inhofe is a member of the infamous C Street house which is run by the religious group know as "The Family" or "The Fellowship". Inhofe's response to climate change is that it's a hoax. The reason he knows this for certain? "God's still up there."

OK, great. Now we can all rest easy.

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