July 7, 2011

There is no sunny side up here

I'm not a PETA devotee, nor do I play one on teh intarwebs, and dog knows I love me some eggs.

But everytime I look at the grade A large on sale at the local soopermart, I think of the horrible conditions that most of those eggs were laid under. I wish y'all would, too.

There are local farmers that produce eggs from healthy, happy chickens. And the eggs they produce taste and look better. The first time you crack open a free-range egg and see that firm, bright yellow-orange yolk you'll be hooked too.

The difference in cost is trivial when you think of the suffering involved so you can have 98¢ per dozen, pale yellow tasteless eggs.

Not to even mention that the factory farm hens are cranked full of antibiotics and hormones just to try to keep them alive just long enough to lay a profitable number of eggs.

By proxy, you are feeding those antibiotics and hormones to your loved ones. Wonder why kids are subject to so many allergies and diseases that were unknown or rare 30 years ago?

Don't know what the heck I'm rambling on about? Check out the vid below the break.

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