July 8, 2011


So, I am asked: "Why are you spending all this time blogging"?

That gave me pause. I mean, as of this writing, I have exactly one follower, who happens to be a buddy of ours and that's pretty much it. (Hi Billy, if you are indeed still watching this).

Well, here it goes:

We are always told that we're not supposed to discuss "religion & politics" with your friends or relations.

Usually, that's damn good advice. Anybody that has been at a say, a Thanksgiving dinner, that was ruined by that obnoxious Uncle Ray who pissed everyone off by refusing to shut up about subject or person X.

Yeah, yeah, been there, done that, and wanted to smother Unca Ray with the cranberry sauce. So what has this got to do with this blog?

Very simply; I like having a forum in which I can say what I really feel without fear of repercussion. It's not that I am a coward, just a realist. Right now, it's not event important that anybody else even reads these posts. It's just great that I can get this shit off my chest and kinda think out loud.

I need to keep my job, I have no other income. Also, and we'll discuss this in subsequent posts, I need to keep my employer-provided health insurance. Bottom line, unless I become a famous and wealthy writer, I need to watch what I do. (See posts about free press). Not looking for pity, just understanding.

Here is a place that I can bloviate about the current state of affairs without fear of repercussion. There are some that know my identity, and as time passes, I'm sure that more will know. Suffice to say, I am not some famous,  infamous, or even unknown individual trying to hide behind the intarwebs. I'm just a working guy that can't afford to jeopardize his job, so, for the time being anyway, I will try to maintain some small effort at anonymity.

And hopefully, say some of the things that would cause Unca Ray to cut off our inheritance.(as if there was any;-)) Also, because masochism runs deep in my family, I have left the comments on in this blog. I truly welcome your thoughts an suggestions. I welcome reasonable and polite arguments that contradict my own opinions. I will not tolerate flaming, trolling, spam, or outright BS however.

Let's get to know each other. I started. You all chime in!

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