October 25, 2011

America as a third world country

You don't think we're there yet? Check out this Google search result.

Was I Googling for Haiti? Pakistan? Fucking Cuba?

 Nope, I searched for "tent city America". The so-called "Recession" has resulted in these popping up from Seattle to Portland, Maine. From Los Angeles to Miami and all stops in between. These people, for the most part, are folks just like you and me. Caught in the trap of having lost their jobs, used up their unemployment insurance, and kicked out of their homes, they are camping out in hopes of a better day.

While the 1% get richer and the Politicians argue whether to give them more tax breaks or the right to pollute our environment so they can steal more money from this land, local governments are trying to deal with the homeless problem.

How? By passing new and tougher laws criminalizing homelessness.
In Chattanooga, Tennessee, last summer, a charity outreach worker explained the forcible dispersion of a local tent city by saying, “The city will not tolerate a tent city. That’s been made very clear to us. The camps have to be out of sight.” The destitute quickly learn that the very minutiae of daily life that we take for granted may be considered criminal behavior. 

There are no public restrooms available, but taking a leak can get one arrested. Merely sleeping in the wrong place can be cause for police harassment. 

Contact your local and state representatives. Tell them to quit fucking around and fix the jobs problem! The so-called 'Free Trade' agreements with South Korea et al will be yet another job exporter. We need to get tough with China and enforce the same tariffs on them as they do to us. Stop subsidizing the Big Oil. They are making enough money. Roll back the tax breaks and make the wealthiest among us pay their fair share once again. Use the resulting revenue to rebuild our infrastructure. 

Invest in solar. The Chinese saw that the future was in alternative energy. Now we are buying wind turbines and solar panels from them. The Republicans salivated with glee at the failure of Solyndra, the solar panel manufacturer that the administration recommended for stimulus investment and that subsequently went bankrupt. But why did they go under? Because the cannot compete with the heavily subsidized products coming from China.

This is not an argument to stop subsidizing our own green industries. This is an illustration of why the US needs to invest more!

Get the job done, Congress. I am saddened and embarrassed by what is becoming of the country that I love.

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