January 9, 2012

Well, it's a start

A year ago, the most virulent climate change deniers simply claimed the whole thing was a lie. I recall Sen Jim Inhofe (R-Az) declaiming something on the lines of "God is in His Heaven, and climate change is a hoax."

Yeah, I know not all were this locked into the far out claim that is simply wasn't true, but some were. I even heard claims that the earth was actually cooling! 

I check in at the Huffington Post ever once in a while, and it's wild to read the comments over there. There is a subset of trolls that insist on posting their far out right wing gibberish. They are particularly rabid whenever there is a story about climate change. I have amused myself by watching these guys slowly giving up their "Climate change is a hoax!" and "It was all made up to get AL Gore richer" story lines and more and more turn to a sort of laissez faire attitude of "The earth has climate changes, it gets warmer, it gets cooler. There's nothing we can do about it anyway. But the Left wants to impose more restrictions on our FREEDOMS!"

It's gonna be a self-fulfilling prophesy. If it's not too late already, by the time the right allows any hope of doing anything to stop the growth of atmospheric CO2, it surely will be too late to reverse anything.

But we can always hope.

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