April 23, 2013

My Muse

Oh, be with me
My fickle muse,
and dance upon my mind.
Oh, frolic with me, you nasty bitch,
and see what we shall find;

You come and go;
sometimes a love,
sometimes a whore,
sometimes my best friend,
How can you be the same as these,
and still be my own mind!

My sometimes friend,
you ofttimes fiend,
leave me with thy blessing.
don't leave me with,
thy curse, thy horror;
My shallow thoughts depressing!

with words of glee,
shall all my words betoken,
The thoughts of gold
and worlds untold
unto the novice beckon!

Oh, shallow thought,
meaningless pot,
dry-well of creation.
My fickle muse,
my worthless dues,
my opus lies unwritten.

Come, say to me,
you capricious liar,
what have you brought to me,
A heartache, surely,
and a lot.
Of meaningless empathy!

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