April 8, 2013

On "American" Business

The rich don't care about America. Most hardly even consider themselves citizens except when it is convenient to be one. Most of the big corporations are now what we refer to as "multi-national." Even that icon of American enterprise; Coca-Cola, now does something on the order of 80% of its business in countries other than the U.S! That includes not just sales, but manufacturing, distribution, advertising, etc.

So what does that mean?

It means that when they are lobbying Washington, or trying to influence the vote through their PACs, they are not in the least interested in changing anything for the public good. Only their own. 

We don't allow Chinese citizens the right to vote in our elections, or make decisions on foreign relations. We don't allow Saudi citizens to dictate our defense policy do we?

Well, yes we do. When we allow these multi-nationals to have the slightest sway in the running of our government  we are allowing this and more. 

We have been selling off our infrastructure to foreign investors for years. The current system is a farce. These investors now have input and control on the very laws and regulatory systems designed to protect the U.S. from foreign malfeasance. Why do you think there has been such a concerted effort to gut EPA, Customs, and FDA inspections? Currently, less than 1% of all shipments coming into this country's ports are inspected.  More stringent inspections might hurt the profits of the Taiwanese owned company that operates the terminals in Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle, and Alaska.

I galls me when I hear Conservatives arguing for less regulation and more "freedom" for business when I know they are not thinking about the public good.

The fury over the Keystone XL pipeline comes to mind. Conservatives are so eager for more oil they don't even begin to consider that the forces that are pushing for this pipeline have not the slightest interest in the common good of Americans. The oil is not destined for the U.S. market. If it was, there would be no need to pipe it to the gulf coast. The pipeline is to be laid for one purpose: To mightily enrich a cabal of multi-national corporations and their masters at the risk to the environment of the United States. Little of the revenues generated will end up on these shores. And if the pipeline breaks? So what? The movers and shakers responsible won't have to live with the effects.

I don't know how we can fix this rigged system, but I do know we have to at least begin the dialogue!

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