February 22, 2014


Two topics in one today: So called "Clean Coal" & our Corporate Media. First off let me direct you to this article over at Media Matters.

Should you not care to read it, in brief it talks about yet another toxic coal ash spill in North Carolina. It is an example yet again of the callous disregard on the part of the coal industry for the environment and human health. Another example (as if we need it) of the poisoning of the environment caused not just by big coal, but by the production and use of fossil fuels in general.

The more important take away from this, however, is the complete lack of coverage, or even mention of this environmental tragedy in our network news broadcasts. They are content to keep us distracted with the crisis in the Ukraine, the pretty viedeos and heart-wrenching tales of triumph and defeat from the Olympics, and I see they have managed after all these years to capture "El Chapo." 

"panem et circenses"

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